Kesoon Fine Chemical Co.Ltd., based in Maoming City,which one of the biggest Petroleum chemicals manufacturing In China, has been providing beneficial products of petrolem chemicals. Our Company specializes in the manufacturing of a wide variety of White Oils, Petroleum jelly, paraffin wax ,,Processing Oils and transformer oils,Engine oils, lubricating oils, emulsified wax ,emulsified oil, banana spray oil,white spirit

                  Our products: we mainly supply White Mineral Oils , Petroleum Jellys,Paraffin Wax,Base Oils,Engine Oils,Lubricating Oils and Grease,Emulsified Wax, Emulsified Oils,Banana Spray Oil,Transformer Oil,Anticorrosive Oil,Plant Oil,Baby Oil,Skin care Oil,Hair Oil,Massage Oil Etc.

                  White Oil,Synonyms: White Mineral Oil ,Mineral Oil,Liquid Paraffin , Paraffin Oil, Vaseline Oil,liquid petrolatum,wax oil,etc

                  KESOON's white oils offer the stability and purity needed for a wide range of applications ,from pharmaceutical to cosmetics to plastics to textile to leather to ruber to chemical to food processing etc.

                  Paraffin Wax: Kesoon as an agent of Sinopec Maoming Company Offer Paraffin Wax export,Semi Refined, Fully Refined,Crude Wax,White Soft Paraffin, F-T sythethic Wax,Special Wax, Emulsified Wax Etc.

                  Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline,Petrolatum ,Kesoon as the Major Manufacturer of Petroleum jelly, could make the high temperature,low temperature melting point, high hardness,low hardness, colored, scented etc special petrolum jelly as per the client demand, we also make the cable gel , mold released agent etc.

                  Glycolic Acid. Synonyms:Hydroxyacetic acid,alpha hydroxy acid ,fruit acid,latic acid

                  KESOON's glycolic acid have 3 grade: 98%,99%,99.5%min crystal, 70%min ,57%,54%,50%,45% soltuion

                  Commitment and Wish

                  Kesoon Chemicals Ltd. make effort to supply the most cost-effective products to satisfied our customers.Quick response is our service rule.

                  As enter the 21st Century,KESOON has taken the necessary steps to position itself, for dynamic worldwide growth. We thank all of our many customers, for helping us on this mission. We look forward to your continued support and input. In addition, as we move into the future, we hope to have many more friends join the KESOON Family of satisfied customers.


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